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George Alexander Brodie, a war veteran with the Gordon Highlanders founded the company in 1930 in the village of Keith in Banffshire. From there he moved on to the village of Bridge of Orchy in Argyll where a succession of mobile shop vans delivered to customers in Glen Etive, Dalmally, Bridge of Orchy, Crianlarich and Inverarnan.


From Bridge of Orchy the shop then moved finally on to the neighbouring village of Tyndrum in two location the second of which we are to this day.


We pride ourselves in still being a third generation family run and owned independent trader after over 80 years in business.


The villages of Tyndrum and Clifton owe their growth to a brief gold rush in the 19th Century and hopefully will be repeated in the near future, It should be noted that there was probably already a settlement here given its location at a junction on the drove roads from north and west to markets in central Scotland.

It later grew further with the coming of not one but two railways and two railway stations


Tyndrum and Clifton


The mineral wealth of the mountains of Breadalbane has been recognised for hundreds of years. Enough gold was found in the Earl of Breadalbane’s mines in the mid nineteenth century to make his lady wife’s wedding ring – though this is not exactly what one might call a gold-strike. In 1730 Sir Robert Clifton took a mining lease on the Breadalbane estates and opened the mine at Tyndrum for the extraction of lead ore. The biggest drawback to the working of the mine at that time was the problem of getting coal to Tyndrum with no roads on which to transport it. Due to this ore had to be carried by pack ponies more than twelve miles to the head of Loch Lomond for smelting where coal could be easily transported by boat. Between 1741 and 1745, 1697 tons of ore were carried in this way to the smelter.